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The Netherlands-American Association of Minnesota (NAAM) is a non-profit cultural organization which organizes social events and provides resources for people interested in or connected to the language, culture, history and heritage of the Netherlands.

Cups, Tbs and Tsp

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In the US recipes are measured in cups, table spoons (Tbs) and tea spoons (Tsp). This is strings to a Dutch person who is accustomed to measure everything in (parts of) kilograms and liters. Also Dutch spoons have varying sizes, for example a Dutch tea spoon can contain about 3cc of a fluid where as the American tea spoon contains 5cc. Which means that 'een thee lepeltje zout' is not the same as 'a tea spoon of salt'.

Also note that the measures in US recipes with their cups, table spoons and tea spoons are volume based. This is easy and handy for fluids, but poses a problem for solid stuff. Flour is one of the most difficult ingredients to handle with the American measuring system. I have tried it and a cup of flour can contain anything between 120g and 170g of flour. How much flour goes into a cup depends on the amount of air that goes with it. If you pack the flour well, then your cup of flour is obviously heavier. Our standard is 1 Cup of flour = 160g of flour, this means a somewhat packed cup.

Because most American households do not have a weighing scale in the kitchen (especially no scale that shows grams) the recipes on this site will show the approximation in cups, but will also show the grams from the original recipe.

Tip for moving Dutch: if you take your cook book with you, also take a weighing scale with you.

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